Agriculture Apps: Information You Need Your Fingertips

Posted January 16, 2020 | By: Matt Fagnou

Canadian Echelon Manager for Nutrien Ag Solutions

There’s an app for that — is a common phrase these days. There seems to be a smartphone app for almost everything. And the agriculture industry is no exception. An increasing number of farmers are looking for helpful ag apps.

My customers range in age from 20 to 80. It seems farmers of any age want more information at their fingertips, and a phone app lends itself well to that.

When Nutrien Ag Solutions first started looking at offering apps, we assumed the largest appeal would be among younger growers. But now we're finding that isn’t the case.

There’s an amazing cross-section of people of every age using our two apps — the Nutrien Ag Solutions Digital Hub and our best-in-class precision ag platform called Echelon, which offers full farm management, variable rate services, data management and hands-on support.

Our Echelon app has been available for a couple of years. I remember one customer telling me he loved having the ability to view all his data from all his machinery platforms in one place. It was easy for him to find and view all the information he wanted — no matter what colour the tractor or the combine was, everything was there.

Some of our customers were also telling us how much they’d like to see an app that lets them keep track of their business with our ag retailers and even order products online. We listened, and in 2018 we launched the Nutrien Ag Solutions Digital Hub for that purpose.

This free app also features regional weather forecasts, which as you might imagine, is really popular with our customers. The weather information is available to growers in Canada and the United States and is compiled by our team of meteorologists.

At Nutrien Ag Solutions, we're constantly evolving our apps to provide the best digital experience for farmers. Our goal is to continue to provide our customers with important precision ag and farm business information that’s not only easy to access but also secure.

I know there are some people who may be reluctant to use apps because they don’t consider themselves very tech savvy. Our apps are user friendly, and our customers can rest assured that they never have to go it alone.

Our people are there every step of the way and will work with our customers to guide them through the process of setting up and using our apps. If needed, we’ll even operate them for you.

It's all about our customers and their comfort level. We're here to help them do their business the way they want to do it.


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