Posted December 20, 2016 

A new growing season. New possibilities. New decisions to make – including which top-quality canola hybrids to grow in 2017. You can count on us to help you make the right seed decision for your unique farm and field conditions.

Talk to your local retail about what’s important to you:


Yield stability means more than bushels per acre. It means consistent performance across a diverse range of growing conditions including soil type, climate and disease and insect pressures. Cumulatively, and under certain conditions, these same factors can significantly contribute to whether or not the canola plant reaches its full yield potential. 2016 was an excellent example of challenging growing and harvesting conditions and yet hybrids bred for yield stability, like PV 540 G from Proven Seed, will consistently maintain their yield leadership position.

See the full listing of 2016 Proven Performance Trial results.


To reach its full yield potential, canola must be protected from seed- and soil-borne diseases with seed treatments. In addition, canola growers should be looking for a strong genetic resistance package required to battle the toughest diseases impacting canola including blackleg, clubroot and sclerotinia. Ask your retail representative which canola hybrids will provide you the right level of protection from your biggest disease concerns. 

Learn more about blackleg and clubroot resistance. 


Canola requires early and effective weed removal in order to thrive. Growers require simplicity, flexibility and efficacy in their weed control programs. What are your top weed control concerns? For the best weed control of annual weeds, including cleavers, and perennials, Roundup Ready canola is the leading recommendation. If you require the unique Group 10 mode of action as part of your resistance management program, Liberty is an available option.

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