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Move your operation forward.

Looking to improve yields while being more efficient? Thought so. Nutrien Rewards offers customized agronomic recommendations based on your crops’ growing patterns to help you make the most out of every acre. Read more about the benefits of Nutrien Rewards below and get started today to lead the field into the future.

Tailored Agronomic Solutions

Our local experts — combined with our leading-edge crop planning tools, custom seed recommendations and innovative practices — provide your operation with actionable, tailored solutions for your acreage to help increase yields and profitability.

Timely Updates and Resources

Be the first to try new and innovative products and attend virtual events to learn from industry experts. These actionable insights help you implement solutions faster.

Lead the Way with Nutrien Rewards

Nutrien Ag Solutions offers a vast amount of: products, technologies, and services. This puts us in a position to reach the full range of growers’ needs and meet their operational goals.

A Partner

When it comes to making hard decisions about your crops, there’s nothing better than talking to someone who has faced the same problem. We live where you live, so reach out, ask questions and let’s make decisions together.


Evaluate recommendations for using our proprietary technology, innovative supplier products, and unmatched services to help you accomplish each of your operational goals.


Nutrien Ag Solutions is dedicated to providing the best technologies, offering premier services, and developing superior products. The goal is to ensure every grower – no matter what crop or how big – has resources to improve their operation.

Nutrien Rewards

Nutrien Rewards is here to help improve your yields and help make your farm more efficient. Featuring exclusive insights from local experts and industry leaders, plus access to new products. Talk to your crop consultant in-store or click the button and get started right now.

Ready to Lead the Field?

Discover the difference local expertise, top-performing products and customized service can do for your farming operation. Find your local Nutrien Ag Solutions retailer now.

Check Out the Digital Hub

Access online tools to help you securely manage your farming operation while staying connected to your crop consultant and agronomist — all from one easy-to-use location.